Costa Rica Birding Journeys

Costa Rica Birding Journeys was born in 2000 with the idea of helping local talents, there are many excellent birders in the country but at the time there was not a single way to find guides easily. International travelers had a hard time finding them by location. Sometimes if they were lucky they would come across one of them at the entrances of national parks or private preserves such as Monteverde Cloud Forest and they would be able to help locating birdwatching colleagues. Back then we had a good net of Pro birders but now we are making it even easier for everyone by creating a destination map.

How does it work?

Is rather simple, if you know where you are heading to; find in the map the site and double click on it. A portal will open with a full description of the site and a selection of 1 to 4 different guides. You can pick them by language, skills or even testimonials for others like yourselves. Example: If you are heading to La Virgen del Socorro yet there are no guides within the lodge you can choose the closest destination and find a guide that suits your needs. Once you do, there shall be an initial email with a request for services with the exact date, hotel, if you have a car or need transport, language of your preference, skill level. (here a little information to help you)

After the email we will contact you asking you for more information such as target birds, meeting time and location, etc.
We have currently 32 sites where you could find services yet we wish to increase the number down the trek.

Costa Rica

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Carara: 9.778761, -84.601593
Tapanti: 9.778085, -83.812637
Arenal National Park: 10.543800, -84.896400
Bosque de Paz: 10.204176, -84.320068
Ensenada: 10.146156, -85.023193
Tenorio National Park: 10.654029, -85.017700
San Gerardo: 9.558400, -83.805100
Piedras Blancas: 8.641000, -83.168600
Monteverde: 10.367776, -84.737549
Tortuguero: 10.479119, -83.496094
Caño Negro: 10.917258, -84.737549
Manuel Antonio: 9.393781, -84.152870
Kekoldi: 9.656760, -82.771800
Bajos del Toro: 10.213800, -84.297800
Corcovado: 8.530945, -83.605957
La Selva: 10.463842, -84.012451
Palo Verde: 10.292119, -85.286865
Los Quetzales: 9.615813, -83.913574
Poas Volcano: 10.122858, -84.244537
San Vito: 8.820900, -82.970100
Perez Zeledon: 9.371400, -83.704000
Turrialba: 9.930681, -83.681488
Sierpe: 8.861850, -83.471200
Los Chiles: 11.035500, -84.714100
Braulio Carrillo: 9.994400, -84.042664
Virgen del Socorro: 10.277500, -84.164500
Boca Tapada: 10.826730, -84.710083