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Famous for its explosive diversity and spectacular natural beauty, Costa Rica is a
birdwatcher’s paradise destination with well over 920 bird species and growing,
including birding favorites such as antbirds, hummingbirds, bellbirds, leaftossers,
quetzals and rare motmots, just to name a few. A single day of bird watching in this
enchanted corner of the globe can offer sightings of up to 85 to more than 150
different species. From the highlands to both coastlines the number of birds and the
quality of birding is exceptional. Very few places on earth offer this astonishing
avifauna. By far Costa Rica is the most densely
In Costa Rica intermountain valleys, river gorges, seasonal swamps, thick primary
forest, lagoons, stunted paramo vegetation are some of the amazing habitats on
which dozens of species of birds coexist. The 12 different life zones existing in the
country are within easy to access with a fairly good road system.
Imagine spotting Quetzals right on your hotel room in the cloud forests of Savegre’s
mountain before heading to Caribbean mid-elevations to Tapanti for a good look to
Black Guan or Scaled Antpitta all within just a couple hours. Or with under 1 hour
from the international airport be at one of the best birding sites in the country such
as Carara with more than a dozen of endemics such as manakins, cotingas, wrens,
hummingbirds, woodquails, etc
With the assistance of a professional birding guide, locating elusive bird species is
easy, offering you the rare opportunity to see birds that most birders only dream
about. From the large and graceful Scarlet Macaw to the tiny and extremely hard-
to-find Lanceolated Monklet, close encounters with a diverse array of bird species is
not impossible.
Costa Rica Birding Journeys will gladly assist you to create the perfect birding trip,
by organizing the activities, destinations, and lodging according to your individual
WHAT MAKE US DIFFERENT? CRBJ has created a great net of Costa Rican
Ornithologists and professional birders nationwide. Our company has successfully
guided thousands of dedicated birders of all skill levels from the casual birder to the
hard core pros with more than 7000 species their life lists.
Join us and be one of our many worldwide satisfied birders.
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