Costa Rica Birding Journeys

365 days

Black cheeked Woodpecker

Never ignore a death tree!

For years we have considered discussing with local authorities to ban cutting down dead trees. An enormous amount of life develops on still standing decaying trees. But more intriguing is the overwhelming bird activity using in many different ways death trees. From nesting holes, to stealing eggs such as the case of Toucans.

Lesson to be learn

This rather common but beautiful Caribbean Lowlands woodpecker was NOT nesting on this hole it was actually drinking water from the very heavy down poor the night before. Sit by death trees they always have something on them.

365 days

Broad billed Motmot

If the bird goes down, you go down too! Standing (always) for bird photography is like going to a restaurant and don’t ordering dessert. With very slow movements try to be always eye to eye with your target.

Lesson to be learn

Motmots unique for the American tropics are one of those families we wish to capture all species in one trip. Which is very possible by way of our 14 days bird photography journeys.

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During a walk searching for Sunbittern near Braulio Carrillo National Park a Broad billed Motmot jumped out of a ground hole and perched on that fallen branch, we quickly put our tripods lower and started capturing photos. The bird was very calm and remained for over 15 minutes on that little branch before taking off to a tall tree against the sun.

365 days

Spotted Woodcreeper

Bloody birds!!

We laugh every single time someone in the background says it!! But we could not describe it any better. They don’t help much, pose much or even last much on one single spot. We add this image to illustrate the reality of such a diverse family.

Lesson to be learn

Since it is very hard to get a postcard like photograph of woodcreepers we strongly suggest using composition in order to recreate the true scenario of what you witnessed.