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Costa Rica Birding Journeys is dedicated to providing the finest birding excursions and tours of the varied landscapes of Costa Rica. Founded by lifelong birder and naturalist guide, Randall Ortega, Costa Rica Birding Journeys offers you a rare glimpse of some of the country’s most elusive bird species.

Famous for its explosive diversity and spectacular natural beauty, Costa Rica is a bird watcher’s paradise with 900 bird species, including birding favorites such as Toucans, Scarlet Macaws, Motmots, Quetzals and Trogons, just to name a few. A single day of bird watching in this enchanted corner of the globe can offer sightings of up to 85 to 150 different species.


In Costa Rica alone, there are 12 of the planet’s 18 different life zones. Ranging from the dry tropical climate of the Nicoya Peninsula to the humid lowlands of the Caribbean coast, Costa Rica has an incredible array of habitats and micro-ecosystems. And within every micro-ecosystem, the birding possibilities are practically endless.

Imagine spotting Scarlet Macaws flying over coast or Fiery billed Aracaries gathering for fruits on Cecropia Trees & under 3 hours watching Resplendent Quetzals and a dozen of hummers in the misty forest of Monteverde. Costa Rica Birding Journeys can tailor any tour to your particular interests and bird wish list. With a great net of local ornithologists and professional birders, our company is ready for you.

With the assistance of a professional birding guide, locating elusive bird species is easy, offering you the rare opportunity to see birds that most birders only dream about. From the large and graceful Scarlet Macaw to the tiny and extremely hard-to-find Lanceolated Monklet, close encounters with a diverse array of bird species is not impossible.

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Join us and be one of our many worldwwide satisfied birders.

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Ferruginous Pygmy Owl
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